Charming Charvi

I received from Rama ( Madhuveonline) a video (see below) of Charvi giving the Wellerman song in different languages including our own. BADAGA /BADUGA/BADUGU. I bit of googling and a request for more info about Charvi was put in this post. I was delighted to receive a message from her mother Vidhya who sent the following details. I must also thank Praveen from Dubai who had given my contact details to Vidhya – Wg Cdr JP

Charvi SanthoshKumar

Is eleven years old and studying 6th standard in SBOA School & Junior College Chennai. She is the proud princess of IB Joghee Gowder family Ithalar 

Granddaughter of IBJ Ramakrishnan, Saroja Ramakrishnan Ithalar & Bhojan, JanciRani Milidhane Kotagiri.

Charvi surprised us with her picturesque memory at the age of 2.8 where she could identify the flags of over 100 countries and remember their capital cities, it’s hard to believe right? Here is the link

Her eloquence in English is definitely because of the books she reads. Bookworm is an understatement as she would flip thru over 500 pages in 2 days and also review them. To grow her interest in reading we started the YouTube channel Charvi Reviews ,  to make the channel more interesting she comes up with different videos on brush lettering, mirror writing and songs like this. Being a left handed she picks up new languages with ease and that’s how she learnt sign language and currently at the beginner’s level of Spanish. It’s from her we learnt about mirror writing, any word you show she will be able to write it in reverse in no time. She constantly comes up with new ideas and Santhosh and I are working harder to keep up with her. Out of the blue she came up with the idea of creating a baduga version of the Wellerman song and reached out to her kunna appa’s Karthick Chandran & Kamal Chandran who readily obliged.

All your support and encouragement means a lot to us. Thank you for all your blessings.

SanthoshKumar & Vidhya Bhojan


Came across this beautiful video of CHARVI Santosh Kumar (CSK), obviously a Badaga girl. Great Charvi


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  1. Could really feel a Badugu Gamulu in this song. Nice lyrics and singing too.


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