ARI GOWDER ROAD, Correct name restored

The road in front of the West Mambalam Railway Station in Chennai is named after the Great Badaga Leader of the Nilgiri Hills Rao bahadur H B ARI GOWDER who donated the land for public purposes. But unfortunately, the name was misspelt as ARYA GOWDER Road.

The Badaga Association, Chennai has always been celebrating Ari Gowder’s birthday, 4th Dec, every year, at the site with a grand function.

Ganesh Ramalingam along with other members has taken keen interest to get the name of the road correctly changed to ARI GOWDER ROAD. The petition and other details are given below.

Incidentally, Ganesh Ramalingam, who is highly educated and held many big posts, including the Vice President, Citibank, has taken over the mantle of solving many issues that have been agitating the minds of many Badagas in the Blue Mountains, known as Nakku Betta. Rather young in age, in his early forties, Ganesh’s knowledge in many fields, including Legal Affairs, is well recognised and much sought after.

Ganesh Ramalingam, MSc,DHRD,MBA,EPHRM-IIM

We sincerely hope that Ganesh Ramalingam will fulfil the void that has been in existence ever since Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder’s death in 1971.


One response to “ARI GOWDER ROAD, Correct name restored

  1. Happy Happy Happy to hear the wonderful job has been successfully completed. Proud to be a Badaga by Ayyas wonderful contribution towards our community and our Nation. We always keep you in our Hearts Ayya.


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