Senior Badaga members meet the CM

On 20 May 2022, Ganesh Ramalingam(HR Professional, Leadership Mentor & Social Service and Senior members from Badaga Community – Prof.TM Kullan (86), Retd Principal, Govt. Collegiate Service, Mr. S Raman (91), Retd. Government School Head Master, Mr. T Ramakrishnan (78), Retd HPF & Spiritual Service and Mr. R Yogesh Retd. Banker & Author of Badaga Bare(y) met the Honourable Chief Minister of TN at Ooty for the following causes;

1.Listing the Badaga Community under Linguistic Minority as their language Badaga is officially categorised as one of the Definitely Endangered Languages in the word.

2. Reiteration on the ST STATUS – Follow Up Action with the Central Government. (Ganesh Ramalingam is also personally following up with the Central Government Authorities on ST Status for Badagas).


2 responses to “Senior Badaga members meet the CM

  1. We can notice the uniqueness in every move. The whole community is so thankful for you all concerned. The support strengthen each and every day. Hethetha Nera. Waiting for the wonderful day…..


  2. Super, Ganesh Ramalingam and Kulla Iyya done work for next generations.


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