Badaga Hatti [Village] Names

41. Nundhuwa – Nundhu + tho – Fertile + Buffalo pen
42. Pedduwa – Ped + To – Big + Buffalo pen
43. Pororatti – Mora + Ore + Hatti – Tree + Slope + Village
44. Selekore – Se:le+Kore – Wild Banyan + Patch of land
45. Sikola – Chikku + Hola – Small + Field
46. Sogatti /Sogathore – Sog e + Hatti – Plant + Village
47. Solurmatta – Solur + matta – Sole + Oor + Matta – Forest + Village + Flat ground
48. Soregundu – Soray + Gundu – Pigeon + Rock
49. Talemale – Talay + Malay – Top + Mountain
50. Tandhanadu – Taaninda + Naadu – Below the sweep of the arm( ?) + Place


6 responses to “Badaga Hatti [Village] Names

  1. Deepa Mahadevan

    Can you please tell me the meaning of Jakkadha ?

    Hello Deepa,

    Thanks for your comments.

    Jakkadha was originally known as Jakkala Hannu Hatti. Jakkala Hannu is one of the wild fruits – small in size, with deep purple colour and a needle head growing with sharp thorns. It used to be great fun to draw designs – sort of’ ‘tatooing’ after nipping off the ‘needle head’ and gently squeezing the fruit as it would make perfect spots. It would leave a purple colour around the mouth. Another wild fruit that used to grow where Jallala Hannu grows is ‘Thavuttu Hannu’. you may still find it around the fringes of many hattis.


  2. badugas always rock.i am very proud to say baduga


  3. Sir , Thangadu meaning please….


  4. good very useful


  5. Deepak Kethorai

    Fantastic information………
    All people must have a knowledge of the place where they live……. Im happy that we get to know through your site. Hats off to your work sir….



    I am proud to be a Badaga. As a Badaga boy I need to know whether our Badaga language contains scripts,letters.if it is so where are those scripts and letters available.I need to know the richness of our language..

    Hello Gopalakrishna, unfortunately there are no scripts /letters. I am aware that there are some serious attempts in creating Badaga scripts. Latest position- not known – Wg Cdr JP


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