Learn Badaga


Mande (Head) – also refers to Hair though there is specific word – Orama

Heddakku (Back of the skull) – usually Badagas have a long heddakku as they donot use cradles. The reason for not using cradles for babies is a story by itself. It is due to the fact that when they left Mysore to escape from the King (Thipu Sultan ?) in the night in a hurry, they had forgotten the baby which was sleeping in the cradle,each thinking that the other person wiould pick up the child.

Moole (Brain)

Nethi (Forehead)

Kenni (Cheeks)

Kannu [eye(s)]

Kivi (Ear)

Mookku (Nose)

Bae (Mouth)

Thudi (lip)

Hallu (Teeth)

Naalenge (Tongue)

Dhaade ( Chin)

Thonde (Throat)

Gaththu (Neck)

Maaru – Nenju – (chest)

Mole (Breast)

Hiththalu – Bennu – (Shoulder)

Kai (Hands)

Mutti (Elbow – also for knee)

Beralu (Fingers)

Hebbatte – Katte (beralu) – [Thumb]

Ugilu (Nails)

Hotte (Stomach)

Mollu Kudi (Naval)

Nadu (Hip)

Pitti (Buttocks)

Thode (Thigh)

Monakkaalu (Knee)

Kaalu (Leg)

Midi (Heel)

Angalu (Foot)

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2 responses to “Learn Badaga

  1. Pushpavaneshwaran S

    Nice work sir…..I’m non Baduga…but I’m eager to learn Baduga language…..I want to know the Baduga words for the following..
    What are you doing?
    Happy birthday.
    Did you eat?
    Take care of your health.

    Thank you, Pushpavaneshwaran. See the answers for your Badaga translation below – Wg.Cdr JP

    What are you doing? – Aena maadindu edhe ?
    Happy birthday. – Olliya (Shanthoshavaadha) huttidha barasha
    Did you eat? – Thindhaya?
    Take care of your health


  2. mlle_sumathi

    In “Learn Badaga” section : Birds (Hakkilu).Hakkilu is rather a sparrow ? not sure , just clarifying.

    JP adds : Hakkilu is for bird(s). It is Gubbachi for sparrow. Some other bird names are hemmay hakkilu, bikkola, kappu hakkilu etc.


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