Learn Badaga

Peculiar Words

There are some words in Badaga that are truly peculiar. For example :

1. GIJI GIJI ( as in Give & Jinx) – Confusion , mess up / disorderly

GIJI GIJI maada beda – Don’t create confusion

Room ekka ethe GIJI GIJI (ya) hadadhe ? – Why is this room in such a mess?

2. MURUKKU(LU) (Mu ru ku) – Foul mood / mild anger

Amme Ekka maathaduvadu elle ? – Why is sister not talking ?

Ava murukkindu endhave – She is in a foul mood

3. BADAYI (Ba daa ee ) – Show Off (proud)

Appara badayi maadiya – She shows off a lot

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2 responses to “Learn Badaga

  1. Pushpavaneshwaran S

    Nice work sir…..I’m non Baduga…but I’m eager to learn Baduga language…..I want to know the Baduga words for the following..
    What are you doing?
    Happy birthday.
    Did you eat?
    Take care of your health.

    Thank you, Pushpavaneshwaran. See the answers for your Badaga translation below – Wg.Cdr JP

    What are you doing? – Aena maadindu edhe ?
    Happy birthday. – Olliya (Shanthoshavaadha) huttidha barasha
    Did you eat? – Thindhaya?
    Take care of your health


  2. mlle_sumathi

    In “Learn Badaga” section : Birds (Hakkilu).Hakkilu is rather a sparrow ? not sure , just clarifying.

    JP adds : Hakkilu is for bird(s). It is Gubbachi for sparrow. Some other bird names are hemmay hakkilu, bikkola, kappu hakkilu etc.


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