Relax and have some fun

The Ukrainian Card Trick. Performed by: Shlovko

Pick one of the following cards.

Don’t click on it; just keep it in your head

Scroll down when you have your card….

Think about your card for 20 seconds in front of Shlovko

Shlovko will attempt to read your mind!

The Great Shlovko Has Removed Your Card!


Now scroll up and do it again before you try and work out how its done.

[recd as a fwd email]

JP adds : By the way, have you found out how this freaky trick is done?……ah…ah..
Look beyond what you see…some times what you see is only a perception and not the truth..GOT IT?


You must have heard of the great mathematician Ramanujam’s Magic Square given below :

You add up any row, column, diagonal, or ‘four adjacent squares’, you will get 139.

The beauty is that the first row gives his Date Of Birth – 22 Dec 1887.

Well, inspired by this I made a magic square with DOB 24 Apr 1948

Where the addition of the four numbers in each row, column, four corners, diagonal or small squares of adjacent numbers add upto 95.

If you look closely on the above two squares, you can realise that you can easily ‘crack this code’ and MAKE A MAGIC SQUARE with your DOB – where the four numbers will add upto a specific number.

Got it ? If you are too lazy to make your own magic square, send your DOB to me, I will make the magic square. You will find my email id elsewhere on this page.



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