Hethe Habba 2015

Hethe Habba has started in its full glory and grandeur.

The following pictures [taken on 25-12-2015] are of the traditional send of to the men [only male members are permitted] ‘going to Hethe Manay’ from Hubbathalai.

Some of these men carry a ‘holy’ wooden staff known as ‘DHADI’. These Dhadis are passed on from generation to generation in that particular family and are limited to every village. No new ‘Dhadi’ is permitted to be carried to Hethe Mane [temple].

As always, it takes place on the Friday – Bellie- in Badaga, preceding the main festival that always falls on a Monday, Sovara in Badaga.

On this day, every house in the hatti, pays a religious donation- kaanikke, of five HANA [in the olden days, a hana means a four anna -25paise coin and hence a total of one rupee and four annas or Rs.1.25]; now a days it can be five one/five rupee coins] and that is given at the SUTHTHU KALLU [sacred stone at the base of an olive tree – bikka mora], see the photos below. Usually, along with this mandatory FIVE HANA, people donate more money.

This donation is carried by the men/boys who go to Beraganni and Pedduva and paid in a ceremonial function known as ‘HANA KATTODHU -paying the money’. The amount is proportionately shared between the two Hethe Temples and spent on the puja and annadhana [free food] to the lakhs of devotees who throng these temples during the week long celebrations of Hethe Habba.







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