Happy Hethe Habba

Our Goddess Hethe stands for everything pure – pure as perfect white.

On this auspicious occasion of Hethe habba, wishing all the visitors and viewers a very happy Hethe Habba !


Ondhu, ombaththu aagali!
Bandha hechchali, badhukku Hechchali!
Kattidhadhu karayali, biththidhadhu baeyali!
Bhuddhi bevarava Kodali!
Uri Hogi, Siri barali!
Siri sippathi aagali!
Pava pariya nodi,
Olagadha hesaru eththi,  Badhukki baa!


May good multiply nine fold!
May wealth and affluence grow!
May milk and crop be plentiful!
May intelligence and wisdom be given!
May jealous (and) anger give way to happiness!
May you care for dear and near!
May you prosper in life with name and fame!

[Courtesy – Dharmalingam Venugopal]


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