Assembly Elections – TN

Have been following the election scenario in our Nilgiris District with interest and concern. More concern than interest, in fact.

 With these m.ks [pun intended] – so called munnetra kazhagams, our blessed state, once proudly called Madras Presidence, has turned all of us into corrupt disgusting, spineless, feet licking weirdos.
Unfortunately, with their money and muzzle power, they have made this state such  a corrupt one where self respecting, service minded people may find it extremely difficult to get elected as independent individuals in the elections.
With Badagas, so thoroughly divided on party lines, we can safely assume that there will not be any unity among the community. [YBA is a ‘living’ example of how personal interests can suffocate social services]
Wg Cdr JP
Dharmalingam Venugopal writes :

Arise! Awake!! Young Badaga Association
I venture to make the following representation on the basis of five qualifications:
1) I am a Badaga of 60 plus years

2) I have a proven track record of documenting Badaga history and culture for several years
3) My uncle late A. Ramalingam was the first to start a Badaga association in the name of Young Men’s Badaga Association at Madras in 1941
4) My father late A. Dharmalingam was well known for the services he rendered to our community.
5) More specifically, my father played a key role in getting the present site for YBA. Imagine if the site for YBA had been given near HPF or somewhere outside the town!
I appeal to the YBA management consider the following suggestions in a spirit of communal camaraderie.
1) Being centrally located YBA represents the Badaga Image. Therefore, it should be kept neat and clean with a fresh coat of paint regularly. The walls inside should carry the photographs of Badaga leaders and achievers who have contributed to the welfare of the community. Space much be allotted for a library/archives to showcase Badaga community to visitors.
2) YBA should have a calendar of year round activities to project the image of Badagas and to be useful to the community, particularly, the younger generation.  There should be lectures, talks, exhibitions, music programmes, group discussions, seminars and workshops on Badaga history, culture, language, research, economy etc. Individuals and social and cultural groups in the community can be allowed to organize such events.
3) YBA may be justified in collecting fees for permitting activities like marriage functions and commercial meetings to meet the cost of maintenance. But it should not charge any fee for organizing the above mentioned activities in the interest of the community. It will not be in the right spirit of YBA to discourage such activities just because the organizers cannot pay the fees. YBA should increase membership to raise funds which can be supplemented through donations, sponsorship etc.
YBA Hall is not a marriage hall. It is a symbol of the Badagas’ Glorious Past, their Present Achievements and their Future Hopes and Aspirations.
Comments, feedback, responses, criticism welcome.

Dharmalingam Venugopal
Kannerimukku Village  [9444365360]


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