Vote for Venugopal

Vote for Ooty Nomination  

Public Meeting Notice & Invitation

Monday, April 25, 2016 at 4-00pm, Independence Park,
Near Old ATC Theatre, Ooty

E 140

Dharmalingam Venugopal

Independent Candidate


My dear Voters of Ooty,

I will be filing my nomination for the Ooty constituency on Monday,  April 25, 2016. Last two months I have been going around the entire constituency carrying the message of ‘Vote for Ooty’.  The response has been both heart rending (at the utter neglect of Ooty and surroundings) and heartwarming (at the support for my humble effort to rally the local people to stem this unbearable rot).

I have made bold to contest the coming elections not for any pleasure but out of pain. By doing this I have only given expression to the urge that has been simmering in the hearts of most citizens of Ooty and Ooty constituency.

Mere intentions cannot bring about a change. Everyone must be prepared to play his or part. Intentions become movements when the first few dare to come out into the open to endorse the righteousness of the intentions.

I appeal to the young and old, men and women, rich and poor,  farmers and traders, professionals, hoteliers, tourism operators and everyone to come to the Public Meeting at 4- 00 pm at Independence Park (near old ATC Theatre) on Monday the 25th of April,2016.  Your small gesture to be with us on that day will matter a lot to the future of OOty.

I shall announce  the Ooty Manifesto at the meeting. All participants are welcome to speak at the meeting to add, amend or improve the manifesto.

The crying need of this country, especially our state Tamil Nadu, is for some honest, upright and uncorrupt independent persons to get elected to the state assemblies. Since these individuals will have no constraints of a political party and hence  are not expected to keep their mouths closed both inside and outside these ‘law making institutions’, we can hope to hear the voice for development.

Venugopal is a man of courage and conviction.  The very fact that he has taken the bold step of contesting the forth coming elections on his own , speaks volumes about his commitment.

I whole heartedly support his candidature and appeal to all voters of Ooty constituency to work, vote and elect Dharmalingam VENUGOPAL as THE M.L.A.

Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash  (



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