Yeomen service to the society

R.Venkataraman (

comments about our website

‘All the efforts you had taken have started giving fruits. Yeomen service not only to this society, but the outsider also starts knowing about Badagas & their culture’

Thank you very much for your comments. It is highly encouraging words like yours that give the motivation to do more.
The surprising fact is that many aspects of daily life and times of Badagas in the good old days of hundred of years back still remain to be unearthed and properly documented.
I have no hesitation to accept the fact that Badagas are one of the original and indigenous  tribes of the Nilgiri hills.
French researcher on Badaga Christiane Pilot Raichoor says with authority that Badaga language is not a derivative/dialect of Kannada recently. Many Badagas are not even aware of this fact.
– Wg Cdr JP

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