Bless us, oh mother !

This site is dedicated to my mother, Idyammal Bellie Gowder

Born into the richest family of the Badagas in 1912, forced to marry at the age of fifteen, to a poor but educated man who was eighteen years elder, just to honour and the keep the words of your father Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowda, from a sick bed,  you suffered in silence and bravely accepted all the short comings of life.

Though you were the youngest among five brothers, you were not given any share of your father’s property of nearly 950 acres of land and many houses spread around the Nilgiris, Nakku Betta, because you were a girl child.

But, your eldest brother, the great Ari Gowda, the undisputed leader of Badagas for many years – till his death in 1971, was a constant help and support inspite of opposition from the next generation of male members.

Idyammal in 1927

Ida – Kaday (Idyammal) in 1927

Though you were the unifying force of Rao Bahadur Bellie Gowder family of Hubbathalai, you ignored the ridicule and became a role model of determination showing exceptional leadership qualities.

The suffering and hardship did not deter you to educate each and every child, both boys and girls numbering eight, sending all to colleges [including one to a medical and another to engineering].

Your 99 years and ten months of life, was full of wisdom and a source of inspiration to children,  grand children and great grand children living all around the world.


Ide Hethe (Idyammal) in 2010

Oh mother, I touch your feet and seek your blessings wherever you are!



4 responses to “Bless us, oh mother !

  1. Dear JP,

    I admire the amount of work you have done in your site and the other International Forum !

    I find that you have a wonderful Cause and Goal to Work for and Uplift the entire Community.

    Having associated myself with you over the past 52 years I must say that your Community is very Gifted, Endowed and surely has a high lineage and have successfully thrived over the past many Centuries and India is a Cauldron and Amalgamation of many Groups and Peoples of many Origins and there lies the STRENGTH & SUCCESS of India for all of us Indians !

    Wishing you all the very Best,

    Your Friend

    Thomas Walker


  2. A profoundly moving tribute to a mother and motherhood.

    Thank you very much, Venu – Wg Cdr JP


  3. Hats off!


  4. Salutations to you great Mother Idyammal, a role model for women in Nilgirirs, an incarnation of Shakthi, embodiment of virtues, an amalgamation of tolerance,humanity, courage, intelligence and leadership.Bless us from the Heaven where you live.Rajma

    Thank you very much Rajma. You too have been an inspiration to many youngsters – Wg Cdr JP


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