Remembering you, Ma

You would have  been 109 today!

Idyammal in 1927

A journey that was extraordinary ! A life full of challenges !!

But you never gave up !

The steely determination with which you faced  fate and life, is an inspiration for many generations!!

Happy birthday to Mrs.Idyammal [Idy Hethe], wherever you are!!


2 responses to “Remembering you, Ma

  1. Mother ,there can never be another.Mother is a repository of immaculate kindness, fountain head of gentility and generosity and a compendium of colossal endurance. God could not be everywhere , that is why HE created MOTHERS. True indeed for Mothers like Idyammal. Idy Hethe’s confidence and courage requires a special mention.Look at her brilliant eyes. They speak volumes. May her soul keep blessing all of us. We don’t have to look for ROLE MODELS of unknown and unseen faces. Woman Like IDY Hethe can be a great source of inspiration. My salutations to the great unsung Heroine. Kethorai Dr.R.Rajma


  2. Gp Capt PV Singh

    Sir, very emotional post. I lost my mother at 11 and was brought up by grand mother. But loss of mother is alwas painfull what ever age she might have left one. Its really so great of you to have remembered your mother on her birthday. May her blessings be alwas with you and your family.

    Thank you very much Group Captain PV Singh. My mother was a girl child among five brothers. When my grandfather died in 1935, he had about 1000 acres of land. In typical Indian style, mother was given no property. She had to bring three daughters & five sons & educate all of them. She did not go to school but saw to that all of us were educated. Great lady.
    – Wg CDR JP


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