Badugu Kathe Gamalu – competition results

Rao Bahadur Ari Gowder 50th death anniversary Song Competition – Results

Nakkubetta TV Ramakrishna
Mr.Solur G Rama & Mrs. Shanthi Deisingh

Hearty Congratulations to all the winners. But in fact, it is a big win for the Badaga community since we have discovered the fact that there are so many young, some are indeed very young, singers who are going to be our future treasures. In my opinion, each and every participant is a winners. Our best wishes to them.

Advisory Committee

Sri. Singa Sadhu
Wg Cdr JP

There are no words to greet and convey our thanks to Ramakrishan and his team in the Nakkubetta TV who have proved that we can conduct such a competition completely online, and make it digitally a great success. The two pillars of this competition are of course, Melur G Rama and Shanthi Deisingh ( who, though based in USA, has given her time and efforts completely). Congratulations to also, to all judges for their great work..

My humble thanks to my colleagues in the advisory committee, IAS Sundradeva, ISRO Bhojaraj and Godalatty Singha Sadhu.

An happy ending indeed. On behalf of Rao Bahadur HB Ari Gowder family, especially my wife Tara, son Abhimanyu Ari and daughter Pakshalika Nanji, I thank Nakkubetta TV, Ramakrisha in particular, for making the Ari Gowder’s 50th Death anniversary year, remarkable and memorable.


2 responses to “Badugu Kathe Gamalu – competition results

  1. could have published marks obtained by all the children participated in the competition

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  2. Really a wonderful journey among Nakkubetta villagers in their houses from the day one of the competition got announced. All would have a nice experience hearing our old songs and delighted to know about new and young talents among our community.

    My sincere thanks to NBTV Ramakrishnan and his Team for a wonderful contribution to make this contest a successful one.

    Moreover, the main catalyst for the entire progress is our Wing Commander Bellie Jayaprakash Ayya. His idea only made everyone act further and bring back the Badugu Katheya Gamalu into the entire Nakkubetta. Also, the elders who have made their contribution in the selection and streamlining of the event, and we sincerely bow you all on this occasion. Thanks one and All.

    Mahesh Joghee Gowder
    Kiyoor Mynale
    Mob: 9442790669 & 7598090669


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