‘A Grammar of Baḍugu’ by R Anandhan

R Anandhan is an authority on Badaga/Badagu/Badugu language and has written and published a book entitled “A Grammar of Badugu: A Primitive Dravidian Language” recently. He had also developed a script for the language. He has been doing research on Badaga/Badugu language for the past thirty odd years.

A Grammar of Baḍugu A PrimitiveDraviḍian language is another groundbreaking piece of research into the Baḍugu language. This book introduces new ideas and methods to researching the Baḍugu language in particular and Draviḍian languages in general. This book gives the reader a better insight into understanding the complexities of Baḍugu grammar. Above all, this book tries to establish not only the autonomous status but also the primitiveness of the Baḍugu language.

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His other book is Badugu Place Names deciphered

This book A Grammar of Baḍugu A PrimitiveDraviḍian language can be purchased online using the following links. The price is Rs.330/-



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One response to “‘A Grammar of Baḍugu’ by R Anandhan

  1. The author of the book, A Grammar of Badugu, and also the renowned Badugu language researcher, Anandhan has made our community proud and created enthusiasm amongst our youngsters and present generation people to learn and know more about our language. I request all our community well-wishers to buy this book and keep ready at our bookshelves for our young children to learn and know more about our language and also believe, soon our language will come out of the endangered position as indicted by UNESCO recently. The author’s works are most appreciated and thank him forever for his dedicated work for our community well being and upliftment. Regards


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