The Mouth Watering Badaga Dishes

The Mouth Watering Badaga Dishes

Badagas have given a lot of importance to their food habits. The most importance, obviously, was given to healthy dishes and how they were prepared. Taste, finds equal importance.

In any festival or celebrations one of the must prepare is the sweet dish known as “Thuppidittu – Thuppadha [Clarified butter – Nei in Tamil] Hittu [Food] – also called ‘Ennay Hittu – Oil [fried] Hittu’. For health and ease of preparation, what better than the wholesome meal of  Eragi Hittu. One of the longevity of life span of  elder Badaga Ayyas and Hethays [older people] is attributed to regular intake of this food for lunch. Taken with  ‘soppu’ – greens and ‘avaray’ – beans curry with a touch of ‘thuppa – clarified butter’…..ah..ah…as I write, my mouth is watering – ‘Jollu Jorira’.

Go here to see the recipes

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