D(h)enaadu Village

There are more than four hundred Badaga  hattis [Villages] spread around the beautiful Blue mountains known as ‘Nakku Bettas’ in the Nilgiri Hills. A visit to any one of the hattis is a pleasant and memorable experience.


Recently, I revisited Denaadu [Dhe’ Naadu] near Kaikatti of Kundah Seemay, for the funeral of our relative Bhoju’s mother and the wife of Late Dholla Gowder mamma.

What struck me first was the nice scenaries around the village and the abundance of water availability.

Many Badaga hattis have their own specially made ‘Kathi – knife’ for the Thalai Akki ethuva – Headman. The Dhenaadu knife has an unique design.

Kundah Manjoor and the famous Annamalai Temple are clearly visible from this hatti.

Some pictures of Dheenaadu

By the way, how many Badaga Hattis have you visited?


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